Living Well Through Healthy Eating

group of residents from Charlesgate communities

The Rhode Island Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, provides farmers market vouchers to residents of Rhode Island who are 60 and over or disabled and meet a certain income limit as part of the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. The coupons are worth $15 and can be used for certain healthy fruits, vegetables, honey and herbs at most farmers markets in Rhode Island. The resident service coordinators in the Charlesgate apartment buildings are tasked with dispersing the coupons to eligible residents.

We strongly believe that eating healthful foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet will improve overall health and wellness and help people to thrive. The resident service coordinators from Charlesgate North and Charlesgate Park decided to take the opportunity for the residents to use the farmers market coupons by providing oversight and transportation to some local outdoor markets. 

On September 4, Charlesgate drove some of the residents from Charlesgate North and East to the Hope Street Farmers Market. On September 9, the residents from Charlesgate Park went to Confreda Farms. The transportation for the Charlesgate Park trip was provided by Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s Office of Senior Services. Both days were beautiful and the residents enjoyed shopping and using their vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables.



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