Green and Grounded: Gardening’s Therapeutic Benefits

April 15, 2024 — As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, let’s consider how gardening can benefit everyone, but especially seniors. Gardening fosters growth not just of plants but of people, providing purpose, connection, and tranquility. After walking, gardening is the second most commonly reported leisure-time physical activity among older adults. Gardening can provide a holistic approach to... Read More

Celebrating Advance Directives

April 2, 2024 — National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16 and it’s all about advance care planning (ACP). ACP is thinking about, writing down, and sharing future healthcare decisions in case you can’t make them yourself. And although the topic doesn’t seem worth celebrating, consider this all-too-likely scenario: In the bustling town of Harmony Hills, nestled among rolling... Read More