Assisted Living Services

Charlesgate Senior Living Center’s Assisted Living services are designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents, with socialization, healthy living and activities being the basis of that high-quality life. Our dedicated assisted living staff are available 24 hours per day to provide a special combination of dietary services, personal assistance, social and physical activities, arrangement of medical and supportive services, medication administration services and much more.

Every assisted living participant enjoys a private apartment and bath which contributes to preserving and enhancing independence and the ability to remain in the community for as long as possible. Charlesgate Senior Living provides a much-needed “gap service” for individuals who are not ready for long-term care, but need some assistance in independent living.

If you are interested in learning more about how Charlesgate’s Assisted Living services can help you or a loved one, please contact us at 401-453-9334 to make reservations for a complimentary luncheon tour. You may also download our application

One of the features that sets Charlesgate apart from other programs is our ability to provide outstanding assisted living services at surprisingly fair and reasonable fees for all of our residents. We offer an array of income-based programs and affordable private pay rates that make exemplary assisted living services available to everyone. Please see below for a breakdown of our income-based program structures.

Income-Based Programs

Moderate-Income Program
Monthly Income between $1400 and $2199 Base rate less 10% of monthly income
Low-Income Programs
Monthly income between $1100 and $1399 Base rate less 5% of monthly income
Monthly income less than $1100 (No assets) SSI/SSP Program
Must have less than $2000 in assets


Private Rates

Studio Apartment (Single Occupant) $2200
One Bedroom (Single Occupant) $2600
Second Occupant $1400
Second Occupant/No Services $600


Activities and Amenities

Base Program accommodations, services and care include:

  • Assistance for activities of daily living
  • Ongoing access to facility common areas, including the reading room, private dining, wellness and activity space, and patio
  • Utilities, heat, electricity, air conditioning and water
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Medication administration
  • Ordering and delivery of medication
  • Medication storage and preparation
  • On-site, qualified trained registered nurse available for consultation at all times
  • Daily meals and snacks served in our newly renovated, beautiful dining room
  • Regular housekeeping and personal laundry assistance
  • Social activities
  • Activity program

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