Charlesgate Receives Argentum’s 2016 Accreditation for Quality Standards for High Quality Senior Living

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At Charlesgate Senior Living Center, we have received and are proudly displaying Argentum’s 2016 Accreditation for Quality Standards for high quality senior living. This accreditation is a result of great improvements made in our program over the past several months which enabled us to meet service standards outlined by Argentum, the leading national assisted living trade association in the United States. Argentum and its members are committed to developing professional and ethical standards for assisted living communities in areas of consumer and resident rights, safety, quality improvement, workforce, and regulatory compliance. The initial standards address and are designed to complement state laws and regulations governing the operations of senior living communities. Over time, the standards will include collection of key quality indicators to benchmark and track a community’s quality improvement.

 Charlesgate has chosen to take part in this professional self-regulation as a demonstration of our continued commitment to quality services and the goal to continually better the lives and well-being of our residents. One of the improvements we are most proud of is the moving and remodeling of our medication room which has allowed marked improvement in medication administration procedures allowing for safer storage, more private space, better infection control practices, and resident convenience. We look forward to the roll out of Phase II of the Argentum standards and are excited to remain on the wave of quality standards in senior living communities. 

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