Visiting a Friend or Loved One in a Skilled Nursing Facility

December 20, 2021 — During the holidays, most of us make every effort to spend time with the people we love. We cook, clean the house and wrap presents. We brave busy airports to join family who live out of town for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa—whatever celebrations that are meaningful to us. And if we have a friend or... Read More

Some Sleep Apnea Symptoms Can Mimic Alzheimer’s

December 5, 2021 — “She thought she had Alzheimer’s, but it was really sleep apnea,” said a headline in the Bangor Daily News in October. The article went on to describe how, after living for over 10 years with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, a 78-year-old woman discovered she was actually suffering from sleep apnea. “Donna Beveridge began to notice that... Read More

This Holiday Season, Talk About (Health) History

November 22, 2021 — This holiday season, some of us will be able to spend time or share a meal with loved ones. After you’ve exhausted all the usual topics of conversation, consider asking about history – your family members’ health history. You may learn something that’s important for you to know. Why would you want to know about... Read More

A Salute to Our Veterans

November 9, 2021 — “Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices.” – President Harry S Truman At Charlesgate Senior Living Center, fully 25% of our residents are veterans! We are very grateful for their service,... Read More

Sugar is Sweet … and Scary

October 27, 2021 — Halloween is here, along with its candy corn, mini candy bars, and chocolate “eyeballs.” Who doesn’t love a Halloween treat – followed by another, then another, and….well, you know. Usually there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence, but some people will tell you that sugar can be downright spooky. In fact, for older adults, consuming... Read More

These Foods Will Reduce Your ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Level

October 12, 2021 — Many people try to avoid increasing their LDL or “bad” cholesterol level. One common way is to avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats or trans fats, including egg yolks, liver and other organ meats, shrimp, deep-fried foods, and whole milk dairy products. Fortunately, improving your cholesterol doesn’t have to be all about saying “no”... Read More

Community Health Worker Brought Comfort During the Pandemic

September 20, 2021 — We at Charlesgate appreciated the opportunity given to our residents this year to participate in a COVID behavioral health support program through the Rhode Island Foundation. The program was made possible by partners Rhode Island College School of Education in Healthcare, Community Care Alliance, and St. Elizabeth’s.  One element of the program involved having a... Read More

Celebrating Assisted Living Week

September 10, 2021 — Charlesgate Senior Living Center is celebrating Assisted Living Week Sept. 13-17. The theme this year is “Compassion, Community, Caring.” The theme reflects the hard work and dedication of all the caregivers in assisted living communities and highlights the importance of family and remaining connected to those you love. National Assisted Living Week was created by... Read More

Celebrating National Senior Citizens Day

August 19, 2021 — National Senior Citizens Day is Saturday, August 21. Here at Charlesgate, we think every day is Senior Citizens Day! This annual observation is a great time to remind all people of the important position that seniors hold in our families, communities, and country.   Here is an excerpt from the proclamation President Ronald Reagan issued... Read More

How the Senses of Smell and Taste Change as We Age

August 5, 2021 — It’s not your imagination – food may not smell or taste as good as it used to. The changes in your senses may be due to long- or short-term causes that can happen to anyone as they age.   What causes loss of smell? Many problems cause a loss of smell that lasts for a short... Read More